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People used asbestos extensively in construction in the early 1940s through the 1980s. It is a highly-effective and inexpensive fire-retardant material, thermal and acoustic insulator.
However, we now know that exposure to asbestos fibers can lead to lung disease, lung cancer, and digestive cancer.
We understand your problem, and that is why our service goes beyond merely removing asbestos from your home. We help protect families and safeguard your health.

Our expert team at Calgary Asbestos Removal Experts goes above and beyond to keep your property safe.

The following are examples of some building materials that may contain asbestos:

  • Spray coatings and laggings – e.g., insulation of pipework
  • Spray fire retardant containing asbestos and cement mixture – fire protection
  • Spray/loose-packed asbestos – e.g., as fire breaks in ceiling voids
  • Insulating boards – used for fire protection, thermal insulation.
  • Asbestos cement products – in roofing and wall cladding, transit
  • Certain textured coatings – ceiling & wall texture, acoustical support
  • Asbestos board/paper products in electrical equipment
  • Flooring – e.g., floor tile and mastic, sheet linoleum, leveling compounds
  • Thermal System Insulation (TSI) – e.g., pipe and boiler insulation
  • Ceiling tiles 

Benefits of an Asbestos Abatement Services Plan
A professional asbestos removal plan improves the results of the abatement process.
Benefits of receiving professional abatement service from Calgary Asbestos Removal Experts include:

  • Efficacy: Our asbestos experts understand how to coordinate an effective abatement plan. Asbestos requires careful handling during the removal process. Abatement also involves efficient coordination across organizations. A comprehensive removal plan includes a thorough sampling that promotes more effective asbestos abatement.
  • Safety: Safe asbestos removal involves specialized techniques and equipment only available from a professional. In some cases, environmental factors create additional safety concerns. Calgary Asbestos Removal Experts can assist with bid management to find a contractor that uses popular removal methods.
  • Cost: Asbestos abatement involves federal regulations and protective measures that result in higher prices. Calgary Asbestos Removal Experts can help you manage these costs through bid management and careful project planning. Our consultants know how to plan a project that reduces costs without compromising results.
  • Compliance: The federal government has multiple rules and regulations regarding the handling of asbestos waste. These regulations can vary depending on the building type and location.

At Calgary Asbestos Removal Experts, we have to license in multiple states. We will develop a project that ensures your compliance with all relevant regulations.

Why Choose Calgary Asbestos Removal Experts for Asbestos Removal Project Design?
As a regional leader in workplace safety, Calgary Asbestos Removal Experts helps organizations promote safe conditions. Clients choose us for abatement planning because of our:

Our experience with asbestos abatement includes small and large projects. Completed projects in our portfolio include some of the most significant abatement projects in Calgary.
We also have experience with higher operational budgets. At Calgary Asbestos Removal Experts, we specialize in abatement in occupied facilities and removal planning for large-scale demolitions.

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